Polo Forest – History, Place to see, entery fee, packages

In this post will give you all the information about polo forest like history, entry fee, camp, one day packages, resort, hotel, food, trekking activity, place to see, polo festival and a lot of information. So let’s start

About Polo Forest

Polo Forest is in Abhapur located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha Gujarat, if you like the forest then this place is going to be special for you. You can go for a few days picnic here with your family and friends. You are going to enjoy a lot here,

If you like trees, plants, rivers, mountains, natural beauty, animals, birds, then you will get everything at this place,

Along with many birds and creatures and many species of big spider can also be seen in the polo forest. Here you will see many trees and plants having Ayurvedic importance.

History of Polo Forest Vijaynagar

Polo forest was earlier known as Hidamba forest, out of this forest, Harnav river that flows out of the entire forest, that is why it is small springs.

Around this river, the city was inhabited by Gurjar Pratihar kings in the 10th century, this city is between two high hills, these hills were named Kalaliyo and Mamrechi. In the 8th century, this city was won by King Mihir Bhoj and then this city was brought under the Idar kingdom.

The word Polo derives from the Marwari language Pol meaning door. It was called the door of Rajasthan, Polo forest has 15 century Hindu and Jain temples, including Sharaneshwar Shiva temple, Lakhena na Dera, Jain temple, Triyantana Shiva temple, Shiva Sakti temple, Surya temple and many other old temples.

What do you need to keep in mind to go to Polo Forest?

If you go to Vijayanagar Polo Forest then take your vehicle.

If you have to stay for night, then you can take that package. Which includes food there, stop arrangements, guides, and a lot of activity.

If you have not taken any package there, you will have to make arrangements for food and night stay.

You do not have to go and break any tree plant and old cultural heritage. You don’t have to make noise there and you don’t throw plastic and waste anywhere

You should not take any such thing with you like gutka, cigarette, tobacco and liquor. These things are strictly forbidden there.

Polo Forest Resort’s Distance From

Ahmedabad- 157km, Mountabu-128km, Udaipur-144km, Bhuj-441km, Rajkot- 365km, Vadodara -244km, Surat-395km, Samlaji- 63km, Ambaji- 75km

Places to see in Polo Forest Gujarat

Polo forest is known for its dense forest. You will get to see a lot of old Hindu and Jain temples there, below is a list of things to see.

Sharneshwar Shiv Temple

Shiv Shakti Temple

Vireshver Temple

Jain Temple

Dargha point

Tyayatan Temple

Polo Heritage

Surya Temple

Vanaj Dam

Harnav River

Beautiful hills

Bhim Mountain

Echo point and Selfie point

Sharneshwer Shiv Temple

Sharneshwer Shiv Temple

Speaking of Sharaneshwar temple, this temple is a 15th century Shiva temple. Which is located in Abhapur. This temple is a 3 storey temple. And there are 2 doors of this temple one of which is in the east and the other door is in the west.

The compound bears the name of Rao Bhana who was the king of Ider. Also given are two dates in which Vikram Savant is 1554 and another date is Shak Savant which is 1520.

This temple is found in a dilapidated condition at present, around this temple there are circumambulation paths, meeting pavilion, Nandi pavilion.

In this temple people come in large numbers to pay obeisance to Lord Shiva.
The carvings of the temple are worth seeing, the carvings include altars, altars and the style of this carving is decorated in the Chalukya style.

The roof and the top of the porch in the temple have been destroyed. Carvings are found in the outer walls of the temple in which Shiva, Parvati, Indra, Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Bhairav ​​are found, and human beings, elephants, swans etc. are found. Nearby is the Chamunda Mata Temple.

Jain Temple

polo forest gujarat Jain Temple

There are three 15th century Jain temples here. One of the temples is in good condition and the other two are in a dilapidated condition. The fifteenth century Jain temple is a sight to behold. Figures of the Lord are found painted on the walls of the temple. And many other murals.

Trayatan Shiv Temple

This Shiva temple is of the 15th century which is established in the east direction and also has a pool behind it.

Only mandap and sanctum sanctorum exist in this temple. It has pictures of gods, goddesses, nymphs and mythical animals.

The temple has a repaired traditional kund and two secondary temples near it. The first temple is of Laxminarayan and the second temple is of Shakti.

Shiv Shakti Temple

This temple dates back to the 15th century and is dedicated to Shiva and Shakti. On the door are sculptures of the sun god and the sun and in other paintings animals, Ganesha, nymphs, ascetics etc. are seen.

In this temple, there is an entrance post, a mandapa and a sanctum sanctorum. Across the outer walls, there are sculptures of Bamh and Brahmani, Shiva and Parvati, Indra and Indrani.

Harnav River and Vanaj Dam

The river Harnav passes through Vijayanagar and Vanaj Dam has been built on it. It is fun to see the beautiful view from the dam.

vanaj dam and harnav rever

Polo Forest Resort Packges

You have been given the complete package list of Polo Forest Resort below. If you want more package information, then you should visit the official website of Polo Forest. [www.poloretreat.com]

If you have taken the package then you can do all the activities, but many of these activities are free,

Polo Forest Packges Activities


Harnav Rever Walking

Botanical Garden Visit

Beautiful hills Visit

Bhim Mountain Trekking

Vanaj Dam Site Watching

Echo point and Selfie Point

All Temple Visits

Birds Watching with Gov Approved Guide



Compfire and DJ party


1 Day Picnic Package

If you want a 1-day package, you need RS. 799 will have to be paid, this package is only for the day, which includes many activities of the day. If you have to join diner and DJ party then you will have to pay separately for it.

1 Night 1 Day Package

If you want a package of 1 night and a day, you need RS. 5500 will have to be paid which is for Saturday and Sunday. (1 couple) and if you have to go between Monday to Friday, then you will get RS. 4500 will have to be given. In this, you will also get food, AC tents and many activities. If you want an extra bed, you will have to pay 1800 per person, which includes food.

If you have to make a group booking in 1 night 1 day package then it is also available. Group booking will cost 1700 per person, this booking has a minimum limit of 5 persons and maximum of 6 persons. You have to reach at 9.30 AM on the day of your booking.

1 Night 1 Day Group Booking

You make 1 night 1 day group booking in which you can go minimum 20 people and maximum 25 people. For which you will have to pay RS 1600 per person, in which you will get AC hall and all the activities are included.

1 Day Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package

If you have to do a photoshoot for the wedding, then you have to pay RS 899, and if you have to take a jungle safari tent, you will have to give RS 1500 extras.

[You can do photoshoots according to yourself, without taking some package, but you will not be able to go everywhere. But if you do not spend money, then there is a lot of free space for that, you will be able to do that photoshoot. ]


1. What is the time to visit polo forest ?

You can visit Polo Forest from July to August. As the monsoon season continues at this time, the forest is green.

2. Where is polo forest Situated ?

Polo Forest is located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha district.

3. How far is polo forest from Ahmedabad ?

Ahmedabad to polo forest is 157 kilometers.

4. What is there polo forest ?

In Polo Forest, Harnav river, Vanaj dam, 15th century architecture in which Jain temple, Shiva temple, natural beauty will be seen.

5. Where is polo forest in Ahmedabad ?

Polo Forest is located in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha district, 157 km from Ahmedabad.