Akshay Kumar’s 4 am gym session with Kapil Sharma turns into banter. Watch

Actor Akshay Kumar on Friday shared a new video with comedian Kapil Sharma. In it the duo is seen spending time together at the gym, in the early hours of morning. Taking to Instagram, Akshay posted the clip, which started with Kapil Sharma looking over his balcony late at night, dressed in a dress robe. Later, after being forced to exercise, he tells Akshay nobody ‘wakes up at 4 a.m.’ Also Read | Akshay Kumar tells hilarious story about neighbour who had one advice for all problems: ‘Papita khao’)

At the beginning of the clip, as he looked around him, Kapil thought to himself, “Everyone is sleeping. Does Akshay Kumar really wake up at 4 a.m.? It’s 2.20 a.m. now, I have to reach by 4 a.m. If I fall asleep and get late, he will insult me my whole life. Let me go get ready.” As he brushed his teeth in the bathroom, his wife Ginni Chatrath asked if he has a shoot with Akshay. Snapping at her, Kapil replied, “Who else will call me so early? Angelina Jolie?” As Ginni’s voice asked why he was angry at her, Kapil said, “Why don’t you go and sleep? He hasn’t asked you to be there.”

The video next showed Kapil’s watchman snoring as he called him to open the gate, so his car could leave. On his way to meet Akshay, Kapil looked at the camera and complained that everyone is asleep, except for his team and him.

Next, Kapil arrived at the gym and after greeting each other, Akshay asked the comedian how everything was going. Kapil replied, “I came back from Punjab at night itself. There at 4 a.m. people remember God; that also I think they do at 5 am.” Teasing Akshay he added, “Nobody wakes up at 4 a.m.”

Akshay asked him to exercise but Kapil started giving excuses. As Akshay started warming up, Kapil hinted that they do something else. During their conversation, Kapil asked Akshay if shooting for Samrat Prithviraj was tough. He said, “Main dekh raha hun aap teer chala rahe ho, talwar chala rahe ho, ghore bhaga rahe ho. Toh ghore bhi subah 4 baje uthte the (I was watching you shooting arrows, fighting with swords, riding horses. So, horses also woke up at 4 am)?”

Akshay burst out laughing and said that Kapil was teasing him. He also said, “No they used to sleep.” As their banter continued, Kapil asked if Akshay will practise with a sword in the gym. Akshay asked if he wanted to learn. The actor tried to teach Kapil as they both held swords. “Tu ‘aakraman’ bol k aa pehle (You charge at first saying ‘attack’),” said Akshay and Kapil asked, “Bhaag k au (Should I come running)?” Akshay asked, “Toh aakraman kaese chal k ayega? Nahi morning walk mein ayega tu (Will you just walk? You will come doing morning walk)?”

Akshay explained to Kapil how they will both act in the scene, clash their swords and jump. Nodding his head to everything that the actor said, Kapil went and stood near the exit door. As Akshay said, “On your mark, aaja (come)” and ran towards Kapil, the comedian said, “Camera, tu aaja main nikal raha hoon (You come, I’m leaving)”. He threw the sword and ran out. Ak Akshay screamed his name, Kapil ran away saying that he will visit the actor on the set.

Sharing the video, Akshay captioned the post, “Banter before breakfast or after dinner. Watch @kapilsharma and I working out at 4 AM! Samrat #Prithviraj Chauhan releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Celebrate it only at a theatre near you on 3rd June!”

Akshay is currently promoting his film Samrat Prithviraj, in which he essays the role of Prithviraj Chauhan. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, the film will release on June 3 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Manushi Chhillar, Sanjay Dutt and Sonu Sood are also a part of the film.

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