Amit Sadh: I don’t know for how long will I be on social media

Actor Amit Sadh has a complicated relationship with social media, and doesn’t want to be consumed by it. In fact, there are days when he ponders ditching it for good. Earlier this month, Sadh made a quiet comeback on Twitter, but his posts are only restricted to his work or occasional musings as an actor. Even on Instagram, which he had quit last year during the second wave of the virus crisis, the posts are sporadic.

Sadh reasons, “I don’t like spending too much time on social media. I don’t like telling people that ‘I have arrived in Zurich now and the lake is very good’. I don’t like posting my gym workouts anymore either. I don’t like exhibiting my privileges. That’s the phase I am in right now. That’s the reason I am not (active) on social media”.

Opening up about the reason behind it, he shares, “People should respect that because my job is not to put pictures on Instagram. My job is to make good films, so that I can come make people happy and inspire them.”

Noting how many actors from the West aren’t even present on social media, the Shakuntala Devi (2020) actor adds, “I don’t know how long I will be on Instagram and Twitter. I’m not looking for any relevance in life. I’m a very comfortable and contended human being. The reason I have my account is because I have my work releasing. But if someone tells me that if I don’t post then I won’t be in the algorithms, I would rather not be in any algorithm. If someone tells me that if I am not on social media, my career won’t work, the first thing I will do is shut them off.”

The 41-year-old shares that he would like to write a book “on this very vicious circle” of social media and “how people are buying likes and comments.”

The Breathe: Into The Shadows actor also points out that his fans are one of the biggest reasons behind his little presence in the virtual world.

“I respect my fans a lot. I love them a lot, which is an understatement. When I have time or bandwidth, I do exchange conversations with them. They understand me and know that as a human being I need a lot of alone time. When I have energy to engage, I come online and at that time, they are very welcoming,” says Sadh, who has come a long way after starting his journey from the small screen.

However, he is not sure till when he will be there, as he wants more “privacy, solitude and alone time” every passing day as a human being and an artiste.

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