Android 13 announced at Google I/O 2022: Here’s what’s new

At Google I/O conference 2022, Google shared new details about Android 13 along with the release of the second beta of the OS. You can read about some of the new privacy and security features here. Here are some of the other details that the tech giant announced during its annual developer conference.

Extended personalisation features

After the introduction of Material You last year, Google has announced a new feature that will allow users to customise their phone’s look and feel with pre-made colour variants. Once you choose a colour scheme, they will see colour variants applied across the entire operating system to accentuate their wallpaper and style.

Android 13 will also extend the colour theming of app icons beyond Google apps. The feature, starting with Pixel devices, will allow users to turn on “Themed icons” which will make all supported apps match the phone’s colours with a consistent look and feel. Google is also introducing a new media control that tailors its look based on the music that you are listening to, based on the album’s artwork.

In Android 13, personalisation extends beyond the design and aesthetics of the interface, extending to other areas of user experience. Multilingual users can use different languages depending on the situation. For example, Android 13 will allow users to use social media apps in one language while allowing them to use their banking apps in a different language.

More features for tablets

Android 12L has new updates that optimises the layout for bigger screen devices. Android 13 builds on this foundation and introduces more multitasking capabilities for tablets. There is an updated taskbar which allows users to easily switch single tablet view to a split-screen. Users can just drag and drop any app into their app library and they will be able to do two or more things at once with ease.

Google is also improving the experience for users who write and draw using styluses. According to Google, your palm won’t trigger any unintended actions and can rest their palms on the screen without it being misidentified as a stylus pen.

Google will also update over 20 in-house apps to take full advantage of the extra space with added functionality. The company also said that third-party apps including TikTok, Facebook and Zoom will be revamped to improve the tablet experience. Android 13 will also introduce features like HDR video, spatial audio and bluetooth low energy audio.

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