Apex Legends Mobile is coming to Android, iOS on May 17

Apex Legends, one of the most popular battle royale shooting titles has had a mobile version on the cards for quite some time now. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment first announced the game coming to mobile devices back in 2019. Now, we finally have a launch date for the same – May 17, 2022.

The game will be coming to the Android and iOS mobile platforms on May 17 this year and will then be available for all users to download. The game has been in beta for a while now and beta testers have reportedly said that the experience of Apex Legends Mobile is close to that on PCs and consoles.

In an earlier released trailer, Apex Legends Mobile showed how the game was adapted to mobile devices, with features like touch-based controls. Check it out below

The game will be free to play just like the original game, but unlike the PC and console versions which are currently running on Season 13, the mobile version will begin its own Season system starting with Season 1 next week. Further, the mobile version of the game will also have a number of new features including new game modes and social tie-ins.

Apex Legends Mobile is also offering pre-registration awards to players who register themselves ahead of launch. Interestingly, these awards will depend on how many people get themselves pre-registered on the game. Users can preregister on Android by heading to the Play Store and searching for Apex Legends and hitting the ‘Register’ button on the app page.

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