CBSE Class 12 political science term 2 exam: What students said after paper

CBSE Class 12 political science term 2 exam: CBSE conducted the Class 12 Political science exam on Tuesday, May 24. Here is what students said after exam:


Students in Lucknow after writing their CBSE class 12 political science exam came out happily as they found it easy especially the long answer type questions. Very short questions were a bit tricky but they were able to do them.

Saanvi Baranwal and Shreyansh Agarwal, both from GD Goenka Public School,  Lucknow said that they were able to complete the paper well on time and had enough time for revision.

Vedant Singh found the short questions confusing. According to Shagun Tiwari, the paper was easy and most of the questions had been practiced in the class.

Sonakshi Gupta and Srishti Verma from GD Goenka Public School hope to score very good marks in this paper. On the whole the students were satisfied with their performance.


The students of class 12th found their Political Science exam to be easy in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Shubham, a student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, Chandigarh said, “The question paper was not hard but not that easy or straightforward either.” Schoolmate Balkesh found the questions very easy to attempt.

Harman, another student of the same school said, “My question paper set was very easy. I had a good exam. It was not lengthy at all. We all completed it well in time.”

Schoolmate Sanjana also found the paper easy and said, “The questions were pretty direct and a lot of them were from NCERT. It was not difficult for me.”

(With inputs from Rajeev Mullick in Lucknow and Nishtha Gupta in Chandigarh)

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