Chhavi Mittal dances with daughter as she recovers after breast cancer surgery

Chhavi Mittal shared a video on her Instagram account. In the clip, Chhavi was seen dancing with her daughter Areeza Hussain.

Television actor Chhavi Mittal shared a video of herself dancing with her daughter on Instagram. In the video, Chhavi and her daughter Areeza Hussain is seen dancing to Willow Smith’s Wait a Minute!. Chhavi was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, after which she underwent a surgery recently. Also Read: Chhavi Mittal shares pic from hospital after breast cancer surgery: ‘I woke up cancer free…the worst is over’

Sharing the video, she wrote, “Never thought making a simple dance reel would be so liberating! I can move my hands and twin with my princess, aur kya chahiye. #grateful for recovering nicely from the surgery. Radiation is going well too. So far so good. One day at a time.” She added the hashtags, “#dancereels #reels #cancerupdate #chhavimittal.”

Complimenting the mother-daughter duo, one fan commented, “Awwww wattaa lovely Mom-Daughter Jodi. Want more such videos.” Another one said, “Hope you are recovering well.” While one said, “Very cute,” another one commented, “Areeza did it better than you.”

Last month, Chhavi posted about her cancer diagnosis on Instagram and shared that she was fortunate as the doctors could detect the lumps on time. She later underwent a surgery and shared a picture of herself and wrote that she ‘woke up cancer free’. “When the anaesthesiologist asked me to close my eyes and think of something nice, I visualised my beautiful breasts perfectly healthy. And then I went under. The next thing I know, I woke up cancer free. The surgery lasted for six hours, there were multiple procedures done, and it’s a long road to recovery, but the great thing is.. it’s only going to get better now. The worst is over,” she wrote. The actor had earned praise for her positive attitude from fans when she posted a video of herself dancing in her hospital room a day before her surgery Also Read: Chhavi Mittal shares pic from hospital after breast cancer surgery: ‘I woke up cancer free…the worst is over’

Chhavi and Mohit Hussein tied the knot in 2004, and welcomed their daughter Areeza Hussain in 2012 and son Arham Hussein in 2019. Chhavi is best known for shows such as Bandini and the YouTube series The Better Half. She is also the creator of web show, SIT.

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