Come out of hiding: Simon Doull asks troll to show his face after getting abused online for IPL commentary

Simon Doull took to social media on Friday evening, 13 May to share a screenshot of online abuse. Doull, a former New Zealand international, is a noted pundit in the cricketing world and travels extensively to lend his voice to cricket. In an unfortunate turn of events, Doull shared a screenshot of a person abusing him and asked his followers if he should engage the person behind the account or not.

“Hmmm. Should I accept or block. Can’t believe I still get work if I am so bad. Hope your amazing at your job who ever you are. Maybe come out from hiding behind a fake name and we can have a chat about our jobs,” wrote Doull on Twitter.

Fellow commentator Harsha Bhogle reacted to Doull’s tweet and said that it was quite unfortunate for educated people to behave like trolls and their families would have been ashamed if they found out the online behaviour of the said people.

“I don’t normally react but some of the people abusing yesterday were doctors, mbas, lawyers. Their families would have been ashamed of them if they had been called out,” Bhogle said.

While the exact reason behind the abuse is not known, by and large the social media has been of the opinion that the commentary this season, comprising of Sunil Gavaskar, Murali Karthik and Anjum Chopra, among others have not been up to the mark.

They have repeatedly come under fire for asking soft questions and not living up to the potential that other broadcasters such as Sky have set in the world.

Doull himself has recently come under fire in the social media for his opinion that Rajasthan Royals should give fellow New Zealand national James Neesham should be given a chance ahead of Indian youngster Riyan Parag.

Many cricketers in the recent years have come forward and spoken about online abuse or online bullying. Many among them have said that people in the industry need to have thick skin, while others have argued that there should be consequences for being vile in the social media.

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