FIFA 23 could be last game in series as EA Sports, FIFA split ways

Electronic Arts is parting ways with world football governing body FIFA after a long partnership that lasted nearly three decades. As a result, the FIFA-series of football games, one of the video gaming industry’s most successful series will be coming to an end.

EA reportedly made a significant offer to FIFA for an exclusive eight-year deal for all of FIFA’s gaming and eSports rights. However, the football body was unwilling to lock up all of its gaming and efootball rights with just one publisher, as per a report by Reuters.

FIFA 23 could be the last FIFA game by EA Sports

FIFA said that it would launch new football video games developed by third-party studios and publishers. However, a short term extension to EA Sports has reportedly been granted. This lets EA Sports launch a new FIFA 23 game later this year.

This game, the successor to FIFA 22, the current and latest EA Sports football game, will likely be the last collaboration between the two bodies.

Signals of the split were first spotted months ago when FIFA reportedly sought an increased revenue from EA Sports, which was twice the $150 million that it currently receives annually, as per a report by The New York Times.

‘EA Sports FC’ may succeed FIFA 23

EA Sports said that it planned to launch a rebranded version of the game called “EA Sports FC” next year. This game would still have over 300 licensing partners which included the Premier League, LA Liga and even UEFA, which means the Champion’s League will be a part of the game.

This deal means that EA Sports will retain rights to most of the famous football clubs and stars along with the leagues. However, the World Cup and other FIFA-controlled elements will no longer be a part of the games.

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