Instagram shares top trends from Indian memeaverse

With over 3 million people following meme pages on Instagram, memes have become a part of the pop culture on the platform. Meta owned platform today shared the top trends and themes from the memeaverse in India. This includes the dominance of comedy memes, the prominence of topical memes like #sharktankmemes and the rise of regional memes like #gujjumemes and #tamilmemes.

To discuss trends in memes, memers and creators from around the world came together virtually for the 2nd annual Global MemeCon (formerly known as Global Meme Summit), organised by Instagram. An exclusive viewing party was also held in Mumbai with top memers and creators from India in attendance, where trends about the Indian memeaverse were shared.

“Trends from the Indian memeaverse highlight how memes fuel culture and we’re glad to share them, so more people in the ecosystem understand the meme space even further. Now with Reels, memes have evolved from photos, and GIFs, to short videos, and creative tools like Remix, collab and original audio, are helping accelerate creativity in memes all across India,” said Paras Sharma, Director of Media Partnerships, Facebook India (Meta).

Here are some of the most popular ‘meme’ types in India:
#Comedy memes
#Crypto memes
#Gaming memes
#Astrology memes

Ankit Chauhan aka @oyeankit, a meme creator from Surat, whose rib-tickling memes have traversed the internet and travelled internationally too, was one of the speakers at the global MemeCon. He said, “It’s great to see the meme community come together and chart the ways and means by which memes can be intertwined with culture even further. I was glad to be representing India at the Summit and highlight some of my memes that have travelled from Surat to San Francisco and beyond, on Instagram.”

Some of the top followed meme hashtags in India are:

“Memes are an extremely interesting content format and are most representative of youth lingo and appeal. #SharkTankMemes is the perfect example, as people meme-d moments and dialogues from the show on Instagram, and pushed it to pop culture status. Creators are certainly flag bearers of this meme language and I hope the trends from Instagram provide the structure for people, communities and brands to think about memes more intentionally,” added Aman Gupta, Co-founder and CMO, of BoAt.

According to Instagram some of the trending hashtags were:


Topical and cultural moments that created meme-storms were:
#Choti Bachi Ho Kya?
#Shark Tank India memes
#Your accent is so sexy
#Hera Pheri Memes
#Mr McAdams

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