ISC Political Science sem 2 exam: Check specimen paper, guidelines

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will hold ISC semester 2 examination for Political Science on May 27, 2022.

Students can go to to download the specimen paper of the subject and check paper pattern, marking scheme and type of questions asked in the exam. 

The duration of the paper is 90 minutes. In addition to the time allotted for writing answers, students will get 10 minutes to read the question paper. They are not allowed to attempt answers during these 10 minutes. 

As per the specimen paper, maximum marks in Political Science sem 2 exam is 40. The paper is divided into 3 sections. 

Section A has 1 question and sub-questions carrying 8 marks. In section B, there are 6 questions for 12 marks. Internal choice has been given in one question. 

Section C has 5 questions and carries 20 marks. In this section too, there is internal choice in one question. 

Download ISC Political Science semester 2 specimen paper

Exam day guidelines

Be seated in the examination hall 5 minutes before the time fixed for the start of the examination. 

Read carefully the general directions given at the head of a paper.

Put your signature in the space provided on the top sheet of the answer booklet. Do not write or scribble anywhere on the top sheet.

Write your UID, index number and subject name on the top sheet in space provided for it. This information should also be written on the front page of each continuation booklet used.

The use of any electronic devices, hand, desk or other types of calculating machines are not permitted.


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