Johnny Depp laughs as he says he ‘misses’ the tip of his severed finger. Watch

On Wednesday, Johnny Depp returned to the witness box in his ongoing defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. The trial has been one since last month with both the actors and several of their witnesses giving their testimonies. On Wednesday, Johnny recounted the incident where he severed the tip of a finger on his right hand during an alleged fight with Amber when they were married. And even though he has said in the past that the incident was a traumatic one, the actor chuckled while recalling it in court. Also read: Johnny Depp laughs, his lawyers eat candy after Amber Heard’s lawyer links him eating candy to ‘narcissism’. Watch

In a video from the trial streamed online, Johnny is seen recounting how he injured his hand. He said, “As I told before, she threw a bottle of vodka at me and smashed it and cut my finger off, the tip of my finger, a good chunk. I miss it.” At this, the actor paused and chuckled as a few people in the court also laughed.

This isn’t the first time Johnny has joked about the incident during this trial. Three weeks ago, while he was first recounting the incident that led to his injury, he jokingly referred to the severed part as ‘Little- Richard’. Talking about how it was Amber and not him who was at fault in the fight, he had said, “I can’t take responsibility for what I now call little Richard, my chopped finger.”

Last month, Johnny had testified that Amber had become angry when he began drinking during their trip to Australia where he was filming a Pirates of the Caribbean film. She threw a bottle at him, severing his finger. “Blood was pouring out,” he said. “I think I went into some sort of … I don’t know what a nervous breakdown feels like, but that’s probably the closest that I’ve ever been. Nothing made sense,” he had said.

Johnny Depp has sued Amber Heard for $50 million, saying she defamed him when she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 Washington Post article she wrote. Johnny has alleged that it was Amber who was the abusive one in their marriage. She has countersued for $100 million, arguing that he smeared her name by calling her a liar. The trial has been underway since April and is set to conclude on May 27.


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