Lock Upp’s Anjali Arora is spotted with boyfriend for the first time. Watch

Lock Upp fame Anjali Arora was spotted with her boyfriend outside the Mumbai airport. On the show, Anjali was linked with fellow contestant Munawar Faruqui and their chemistry was loved by the audience with many addressing them as ‘Munjali’. Recently, in an interview, Anjali recalled her boyfriend’s reaction to her equation with Munawar. Also Read: Anjali Arora reveals boyfriend’s reaction to her equation with Munawar Faruqui, adds ‘It’s human nature to feel jealous’

In the video shared by a paparazzo’s Instagram handle, a happy Anjali is seen welcoming her boyfriend, Aakash Sansanwal with a warm hug. They later hold each other’s hands as they walked ou o the Mumbai airport.

One fan reacted to the video and wrote, “He’s so good looking.” Comparing him to Munawar, fans commented, “If Munawar is an 8, he is definitely a 10,” and that “He is cuter than Munawar.” While one person wrote, “They are looking happy together. That’s what matters,” another one said, “She looks so happy.”

Anjali and Munawar, both didn’t talk about their relationships on the show. However, it was Kangana who first revealed that Munawar had a wife, and later talked about Anjali’s boyfriend as well. Towards the end of the show, Anjali and Munawar declared that they are just friends and that there was no romantic angle on the show.

After the show ended and Munawar won, he shared a loved-up picture with his girlfriend Nazila. Since then, the duo has been spotted together multiple times.

In an interview with ETimes Anjali talked about how her boyfriend Aakash felt about her closeness with Munawar. She said, “It’s a normal thing, human nature to feel jealous. When you love someone or like someone and if that person starts bonding with some else, you feel possessive. Even if it is just friends, you feel it. Like, inside also in Lock Upp, Munawar and I were such good friends that we would have problems if one of us would start giving importance or time to someone else.”

She added, “If Munawar talked to someone else, I’d feel bad and if I talked to someone else, he would feel bad. Now Aakash and Nazila are people who belong to our lives. It is obvious of them to feel possessive. But I would say that he (Aakash) is so understanding and that is one quality which I respect a lot about him. He has handled everything in a mature way and tackled everything very nicely. I respect Akash a lot that he did not question me at all about this).”

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