National Technology Day: Noise launches ‘Noise Labs’ for innovative new products

On National Technology day, Indian consumer electronics brand Noise has announced the launch of a tech ‘incubator’ division: Noise Labs. Under the sub-brand, the company will invest in the development of new concepts and technologies that could potentially prove to be viable for widespread consumer adoption in the future.

Noise is known for making affordable and accessible electronic products including audio devices and smartwatches.

“Products developed by Noise Labs will probably be exclusive launches to specific audiences, not open for all and to start with. And once we see what kind of attraction it gets, and whether what we build gets accepted by the consumer or not, we will give it a wider launch,” Gaurav Khatri, cofounder of Noise tells Khatri says that the company plans to launch at least two new products every quarter under the new sub-brand.

According to Khatri, Noise Labs has already begun operations with an in-house team formed out of Noise’s current research and development division. After the launch, the company plans to onboard more talent, especially “students from great colleges and other individuals and startups that are already working on creating new products and technologies.”

Once onboarded, these members will have access to Noise’s research, development, design, testing, manufacturing and distribution resources.

Khatri says that Noise Labs will be producing products that use technologies “that have not yet been experienced by Indian consumers.”
When asked whether launches under Noise Labs will be priced at a premium because of their limited production run and narrow distribution, Khatri told that the company is not going to prioritise pricing and profitability for products coming out under the new venture.

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