Netflix could announce ad-supported plans by the end of the year: Report

Netflix reported a loss of subscribers for the time in a decade earlier this year. But the company expects even more subscribers to fall out later this year. To combat the drop in subscribers, Netflix is expected to announce a range of ad-supported plans to the service.

Now a new report by XDA Developers suggests that the streaming service could announce its first ad-supported plans by the end of the year. The final three months of 2022 is reportedly Netflix’ target to announce the new ad-supported plans.

The report also mentions that the end of the year, which is the holiday season in many regions of the world, would be a good time to introduce the new plans as it is a time when viewership increases every year.

Over the years, Netflix rivals have chosen to offer ad-supported plans, while Netflix has stuck to its no-ads mantra, instead choosing to increase prices in areas like the US. The latest increase came in March 2022, when the base price was reset to $9.99 and the premium plan went to $19.99 a month.

It remains to be seen if ads will help the platform at this stage. Netflix has already suggested that account sharing too is a big reason for drop in subscribers and the platform is expected to make account sharing outside the household chargeable as well.

Netflix has already started charging an additional fee to users in South American countries like Peru, Costa Rica and Chile for adding up to two additional users outside the home.

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