Nothing phone (1) to feature ‘transparent design’, will have wireless charging

Nothing–the London-based phone startup by former OnePlus founder Carl Pei– has revealed some key details about its upcoming and much hyped phone (1). The Nothing phone (1) will feature a transparent back, according to the company, and it will come with wireless charging support as well.

In an official statement, Nothing has talked about its phone (1), though the details are still scared. Nothing insists that its phone will have a different feel and design. But it is still unclear how Nothing will be different and what innovation the brand will bring. The company also talked about supply chain issues, claiming one supplier for its ear (1) TWS earbuds fired them. “We have a bigger challenge with phone (1),” the company said referring to suppliers.

It also looks like the Nothing phone (1) will ‘celebrate the wireless charging coil’. It looks ike the brand is looking at different layouts which it claims will offer a different design compared to “typical Android phones.” Again, what this actually means for users is a bit unclear.

In a statement, Nothing also said, “We experienced a similar challenge with finding the right suppliers daring enough to come on this journey with us. And like ear (1), our designers and engineers fought back and forth to get phone (1) just right.”

Carl Pei and Nothing’s head of design Thomas Howard have also given an interview to online publication about the company’s upcoming phone. ‘From a design perspective, we really wanted to bring the inside out, and that meant working with the engineers to start from first principles,’ Howard was quoted as saying. He stressed that Nothing wants to celebrate the ‘good’ components in a smartphone. He clarified that the idea with the transparent design is to show “components that the end-user normally never sees.”

According to leaks, the new phone (1) could launch in July this year. The price is expected to be range of Euro 500 or nearly Rs 41,000 on conversion. Interestingly, leaks also claim the phone will run a Snapdragon 700 series chip, like the new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset. So it would mean the Nothing phone (1) will not get the top of the line Snapdragon 8.

Nothing has also launched the launcher for its phone, where it is promising a new minimal aesthetic. However, as we noted in our first impressions, the launcher needs some more features.

There’s no doubt that the Nothing phone (1) has a lot of hype around it, in part linked to Carl Pei and his OnePlus achievements. But whether it can deliver something path-breaking is what we will have to wait and see.

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