Vir Das jokes about Delhi’s IAS officer couple: ‘Saw a dog run 100m in Ladakh’

In his latest tweet, comedian Vir Das has trained his guns at the IAS officer who used to order athletes out of a Delhi stadium so he could walk his dog. The officer has now been transferred to Ladakh, while his wife–also an IAS officer–has been transferred to Arunachal Pradesh. Vir tweeted about a dog running 100 metres hinting at the incident but didn’t name anybody specifically. (Also read: Priyanka Chopra attends Vir Das’ show, calls him ‘brave’; he gives warmest reply)

Without naming anyone, Vir wrote on Friday, “Amazing. I was just out for a run in Ladakh. I saw a dog run 100 meters in record time. Really athletic. Not sure where the dog has been training, but very very impressive,” he tweeted. Many internet users responded to him and added to the joke. One of them wrote, “Was there a snobby looking couple with him? How did they allow you in the same space? Ladakh security not doing their job!”

A screenshot of Vir’s tweet.

Another one commented, “It’s not the training, it’s the confusion! To be or not to be, at Ladakh or Arunachal! The initial training was only for few meters, but now the task is for cross country marathon. “

An Indian Express report had claimed that athletes were being asked to leave the government-run Thyagraj stadium in by 6pm so that IAS officer Sajeev Khirwar could walk his dog there. Sanjeev’s wife Rinku Dugga is also an IAS officer. In a photo shared widely online, the officer and his wife and their dog can be seen on the track. Nobody else is visible in the photo. The officer told the Express allegations against him were ‘absolutely incorrect’.

Soon after the report came out, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal ordered all stadiums in the national capital to remain open till 10pm. Later, Sanjeev was transferred to Ladkah, while Rinku was trato Arunachal Pradesh.

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